We do like to be beside the seaside!

On Tuesday, the Year 2 children at Wyken Croft joined our federation school, Charter Primary, at Weston Super Mare for a day of ‘sun, sand and ice creams’. Sadly, we didn’t get much sun, but we certainly had a lot of fun building sandcastles, digging holes, burying our friends and eating ice creams.


On the way down to Weston we were quite concerned about how much it was raining, but this didn’t dampen our spirits.

Amazingly, just as we arrived into the town of Weston Super Mare, the rain stopped and stayed away for the whole day.

Eating our lunch with pesky seagulls eyeing up our sandwiches was an interesting experience! Poor Mrs Giles, Mrs Waite and Miss Wood had their sandwiches pinched straight out of their hands!

We then spent the rest of the day enjoying building sandcastles, digging holes, making sculptures and burying our friends. The ice creams were delicious too!

As we were delayed by bad weather conditions and traffic on the way down, we decided not to get the chips as planned and to rearrange this for a day in school next week. We made sure that all children had eaten their lunch, an ice cream and a snack at the service station so that no one went hungry.

We’re hoping for a sunny day next week so that we can have our chips out on the field.

Keep your eyes peeled on the gallery over the weekend for even more pictures of our fun day out!


Emma Waite