Our Day at Drayton Manor

Our Day at Drayton Manor!


Last week, Year 5 visited Drayton Manor! The children were full of anticipation for the day and it did not disappoint!


We started by having a lesson with the Drayton Manor team to learn about how roller coaster work. We learnt about the role of gravity, air resistance and friction in making a roller coasters work, as well as the G-force you experience on a ride when it takes you through all of the twists and turns! We were able to then use all of this knowledge to help create our own roller coasters using K-Nex.


In the afternoon, we were able to experience this G-force in action! From the Pirate Ship, to The Buffalo and Shockwave, there was a roller coaster for everyone! We had an incredible day, and cannot wait for our new topic, Scream Machine!

Well done Year 5, you were a credit to the school with your superb behaviour!  

Claire Saunders